Mouthy Prophets

Sunday’s scripture passage is wonderful! In fact, as I have tried to prepare worship this Sunday, I basically came up with 3 different sermons, you’ll hear one this Sunday, one on June 7th, and I will briefly tell you about the one I won’t be preaching here. The passage is Isaiah 6—the call of the Prophet Isaiah. Call stories are always interesting for a couple of reasons. First, God never calls who we think he ought to call. Isaiah’s immediate response to being called is that he is a person of unclean lips that comes from a people of unclean lips. He is not worthy and is fearful that God will strike him dead for having come face to face with him and not being worthy. What I find to be particularly interesting about Isaiah is that his excuse is basically that he is mouthy, he says things he thinks he shouldn’t, he isn’t pure enough. I think that is

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Reading the Bible Again for the First Time

The strangest things can get a pastor excited. I had so much fun yesterday with our two bible study groups as we talked about the different English Translations of scripture—where they came from, what politics were involved in their creation, what affects accuracy of translation. We even played a little game where we had the different members of the class transcribe someone favorite verse of scripture with various “challenges” like rain, insects, darkness and poor eyesight. Let’s just say, we had a lot of fun playing with the Bible yesterday, and we will continue to do so on Sunday! A few important thoughts came out of all of this. Whatever version of scripture we hold dear, we must know that there was a great deal of love and care put into bringing that version to paper (or ebook). Centuries of scholars, struggles, and discoveries went into every word. That being said, we must also come to the Bible, whichever version

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In Her Holy Name…

Mother’s day can be a tricky Sunday in the life of the church. The way that we have handled it over the last 3-4 years has been to celebrate women in general. Certainly, there is a great deal to celebrate about Mothers, but that can also be a bit of a tricky topic as well. Not everyone has ideal feelings about Mother’s Day, and for a variety of reasons. One thing is for sure, we could all do a better job of celebrating the women who have had an impact on our lives, whether they are mothers or not. This is particularly important within the church, where our history has strayed towards patriarchy. I don’t want to steal any of Sarah Kotchian’s thunder this Sunday, but one thing I lament is the direction that the protestant tradition went in regards to Mary the mother of Jesus. Unfortunately, many of our Protestant forefathers (specifically gendered here!) were…well…misogynists; and as they decided

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