BUSY! BUSY! BUSY! Isn’t this supposed to be summer? And yet, we have more going on than ever at Covenant! Perhaps most importantly, we have the CONCERT FOR NEPAL tomorrow. Let me just take a moment to offer some special gratitude to all of those who are working to make this happen! There are so many working with the Nepal team to make this concert a reality, and I fear I would leave someone out. The fact is, most of you have been contributing in some way, and for that, I am so very THANKFUL! I do want to offer a special thanks to our Mission Chair, Bonnie Little, for doing such a phenomenal job organizing all of this. Like I said, most of you are contributing in some way to this effort, and somehow, Bonnie has managed to keep us all fairly organized. THANK YOU BONNIE! Amidst the busy-ness of preparing for the concert, we also have been preparing

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Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Neighbor’s Doors

I have to tell you all about an amazing experience that Bob Mennonna and I had this week, but first, some background… While we were doing New Beginnings, a couple of things were mentioned quite a bit. First, we want to be more connected to our neighborhood and immediate community. We want to serve them better. Second, we really don’t want to knock on doors. I think many of us can understand the desire not to knock on doors. Not only is it a little intimidating to talk to someone you don’t know, but many of us have had an experience of obnoxious religious folks knocking on our door trying to “save” us. Needless to say, most of us don’t want to be those people (let me just make clear that not every door-knocking religious person is obnoxious, but we have all probably met one or two who are). The point is, for whatever reason, this scares many of us.

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Sensus Divinitatus

This week we are repeating the same scripture passage as last week. You may remember that last week we focused on the Trinitarian theology in this passage, and the interesting implications for how we use scripture—how we understand it, and perhaps more importantly, how we feel it. You might be wondering, why are we doing the same passage again? Didn’t we hear the word of God preached from this passage last week? What more is there to say? All good questions. They point toward one more very important point about the Trinity—specifically the Holy Spirit. Our Reformed forefather John Calvin is often accused of being a stick in the mud, dour, cranky, legalistic, and uncreative old sour puss. Let’s be fair—he often times was! However, Calvin doesn’t get near enough credit for some things. Calvin was very thoughtful about the Spirit, and frankly, he was quite creative and even contemplative—I know, not what we usually think of as Calvin. Perhaps

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