Spontaneous Combustion

This Sunday, we will be blessed to hear from Scott MacLennan about what is happening on the ground in Nepal, and why the work we have been doing, and your generosity, are so important. The scripture that we chose to focus our conversation around is Jesus washing the disciples’ feet and encouraging them to serve one another. You may remember that we have used that one recently, and have spoken at length about service. So this week, I thought I would take the reflection in a different direction. Last night at Bible study, we read the foot washing passage and talked about the other 500 pound gorilla sitting in the room while that event was taking place—Judas getting ready to turn Jesus over to the authorities. This is one place in which the scriptures directly contradict themselves. Mark and John don’t talk about what happens to Judas after the betrayal, Matthew says Judas hanged himself, and Luke (in the book

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A Song of Peace for Their Land and For Mine

In case you have been living under a rock, let me remind you that this weekend is Independence Day. We will be singing some patriotic tunes on Sunday, and I wanted to let you think about one of them here (you will probably hear much more about this one on Sunday too!) I have often used a song like this for the reflection around national holidays, and in this case, I wanted to use the tune Finlandia, This is My Song. I LOVE THIS ONE! I love the music—so majestic and beautiful! I also love the deep theological reflection that is at the heart of this piece! It challenges us to think about our nation in deeper ways than simply flag waving, but hints at ways to be good and faithful citizens by thinking of our nation in terms of the larger world. I gave you links to several Youtube versions. Pick your favorite and enjoy! A Variety of Versions

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