Living our Faith

Let me start with a big—THANK YOU! As most of you know, I was gone for the last month on paternity leave, and it was such incredibly valuable time with my kids. It truly is a blessing to be serving a church that makes that kind of care of family a priority. In addition to enjoying time with my children, I feel like I am coming back refreshed and reinvigorated for the Fall! Which is a good thing too, because we have some wonderful opportunities coming up this Fall as a church community. We will worship with three of the former pastors of the church as a part of our celebration of the 60th anniversary of the church (Catherine, John, and Jan). We have yet another International Peacemaker coming to spend time with us. There are our usual Fall programs starting and events like the Parking Lot Sale (Don’t bring your stuff yet!). We also have several weddings for church

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