The Better Angels of our Nature

Dear Covenant Kin, First, I am very excited to say that this Sunday is the last Sunday of our 60th anniversary year, and we will be honored to have Jan Butin preaching for us. Also, please arrive a little before worship so that we can seal the time capsule into the wall together, and bring a dish to share for the potluck with Jan afterwards (let’s not seal those in the wall though).   Second, Jan picked a very interesting piece of scripture on so many levels for this Sunday! Given the world news of the last week, I think that Joshua 24 is especially interesting, given that it is about a refugee people establishing a homeland in what would become the land of Israel.   I am sure that I am not the first to tell you just how complicated the refugee issue is. On the one hand, there are real and serious concerns about national security at play

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Circumcision, Homosexuality and Stewardship–Yeah, That’s Right!

Let’s have a deep and meaningful talk for a minute about circumcision! Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about what Paul was really getting at when he filled up pages of the book of Galatians with talk about circumcision—church conflict and how to live a meaningful life of faith. You see, circumcision became the central issue in a much bigger cultural fight between to wings of the early church. On the one side were the leaders of the Jerusalem church, James and Peter, who felt that what they were called to be as disciples of Christ was a continuation of the Israelite religion that came before, but a reformed version of that religion. This meant that people who wanted to be Disciples of Christ still needed to carry out the basic tenets of the law of Israel if they were to become a part of the Christian community. On the other side were Paul and many of his

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