Docta Ignorantia

It is Lent. Already….Well that came quickly! I must say, this week I have spent several hours in deep contemplation of this season. On the one hand, it is a penitential season—a season where we come to terms with our own failings, brokenness, sin and pain. On the other hand, it is a season of contemplation, reflection and meditation. The tradition finds its biblical roots in the story of Christ’s temptation in the desert; Christ’s 40 days and 40 nights of personal searching in the wake of his own baptism. In some small way, we reenact that in the coming days. Often times this takes the form of some small self-designed fast—giving up meat, or chocolate, or television, or soda pop, or coffee (okay, so not all of these are small!). Other times, this takes the form of a discipline—praying more regularly, reading scripture more regularly, spending more time with loved ones. All of these disciplines are good—just make sure

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