Calvin the Destroyer

Here we are again—the Trinity! This week is Trinity Sunday. Just a few months ago during lent, we talked about the Mystery of the Trinity. The basic gist of the sermon was that the doctrine of the Trinity wasn’t the important part, and having an orthodox understanding of the Trinity isn’t the point. The point of the Trinity is that we cannot understand God without relationship. God is interrelated and sets the example for us of how to be in community.   What is perhaps slightly amusing about all of this is the fact that the Trinity may in fact be one of the doctrines of the church that has caused the most division within the body of Christ. For example, the Great schism between Western and Eastern Christianity that happened in 1054 had many of its roots in a disagreement about whether the Holy Spirit proceeded from the Father and the Son or just from the Father. To us,

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` This week I wanted to reflect a bit upon…manure. Yeah, you read that right. Manure. Over the last two weeks, a number of your Covenant Kin have been hard at work reviving the community garden. As a consequence, I have been hauling bags of manure that are supposedly “Odorless.” Let me tell you, my car and my clothing over the last few weeks can attest to the fact that there is no such thing as odorless manure! However, all this is to get at the idea of soil.   I have never been a great gardener, so it has been very fun getting to learn from people who are great gardeners about how to make the soil in these beds bring life. When we first started digging in to the old soil that hadn’t been cared for in about 3 years, it was parched, covered in weeds, and fairly colorless. However, as manure was added, and the soil was

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