To Hell and Back

As for the reflection, this Sunday has an extremely interesting passage (Luke 8:26-39)—the Gerasene Demoniac. There are so many interesting aspects of this passage, but the one I wanted to reflect on is location. Luke’s version of this story is very specific about this. Jesus travels across the sea of Galilee to find this man. This is not unlike saying that he went over to the wrong side of the railroad tracks. Gerasene was a gentile village, it was unclean and would’ve been off limits to a rabbi. Next, Jesus encounters a man who has been living in a graveyard—unclean! Next, that area is also being used to heard pigs—unclean! Next, the man is known to be possessed—unclean! What we are being told here, is that Jesus is heading to the last place that he ought to be hanging out, to find this man.   One interesting thing that I heard this time as I read the story again this;

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Your World is TOO SMALL

What an exciting Sunday we have in store! Not only will we be blessed to have David Campbell reflecting on how his time in the foreign service has impacted his faith, but Kate Taber, our mission co-worker in Israel/Palestine, will be leading us in Sunday School! What an interesting week!   A few years ago, one of the focuses we settled on in New Beginnings was International Mission and Ministry. Think about where we have been since we made that commitment: An international Scholarship fund that has helped to different young women attend college, raising enough money to rebuild 22 homes in Nepal, hosting 3 international peacemakers from Syria, South Sudan and South Africa, starting a relationship with a mission co-worker. Not to mention some of the things that led us to this place—3 different YAVs coming from our congregation, congregants doing pilgrimages around the world (or serving as diplomats), don’t forget several members in the armed services stationed around

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