Stop. Breathe.

As many of you know, this week, I was in Colorado with my pastor’s group, the “Mountaineers,” for a week of study leave. For the last couple of years, our group has been spending our continuing education time together focused around the theme, “Ruach Elohim,” or Breath of God. As we Christianized this concept as the Holy Spirit, I sometimes fear that we have tamed it. The reality is there is so much depth to the Breath of God, that Spirit seems a bit divorced from the great breadth of meaning that lies there in. One thought that has been central to our studies has been the idea of each breath we take being God. When God blows into that earth and creates Adam, that Breath forever becomes the reminder of the living God through whom we have our life. If we take that seriously, we understand that the air around us is the very embodiment of God. In fact,

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Black and Blue

I am really getting tired of having to address the violence and fear in our culture in these reflections. Yesterday, there was yet another shooting of an unarmed black man. This time it was in Florida, and the black man was trying to protect a man with autism who had wandered off from the facility he was in. A neighbor called the cops thinking the man with Autism was some kind of threat, and when one of the therapists at the facility came to try to calm the man with autism down, the police reacted thinking he was a threat. The therapist laid down on the street next to the man with autism and put his hands up. He tried to explain the situation to the police to deescalate the situation, and instead, he was shot. Don’t take my word for it, watch the video here   This is a tricky issue, and I may have already lost a few

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Thank God for VBS!

I had a pretty powerful moment this week that I wanted to share with you. I don’t know about you, but after coming off of vacation this week, and hearing the news (we were completely out of touch for the last few weeks) I was overwhelmed. I am getting to the point where I wince every time I turn on the news because I am afraid of what I may hear. There are many tears to be shed these days.   Against this background of sadness and fear in the world, we had an amazing VBS this week. As Lynn Scott mentioned, it was such a joy to see the kids play in the garden and be enthralled with worms and mud and plants. It was fabulous to see their joyful depictions of God’s beautiful creation. The energy that the kids poured into everything they did was delightful and infectious. This week came as a powerful reminder that as dark

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